Stubborn Seven

7 lbs from now, I will be back in to my normal pre-baby weight range.  Now I know not all of you recently had a baby, but I have talked to and worked with many people who still have that extra baby weight on (even though their kids are heading off to college).  To be honest with you, the number isn’t that important to me.  I care more about fitting into my clothes, feeling strong and fit, and taking proper care of my body so Noah has a healthy example to look up to.

That being said, if I keep a mere 5 lbs on with each pregnancy that I have in the future, the numbers add up and I would slowly be moving toward the category that most of our country is in: overweight.  So here I will share with you my strategy to fight against those stubborn 7 pounds.  It’s simple, really.  I studied exercise science for 4 years in college, but there is nothing complex about the fact that to lose weight, you need to eat well and exercise more.  The problem is that most people only focus on their “diet”.  Without exercise, those pounds will creep right back on once their diet is over because they are losing water and muscle along with their fat.  However, gaining muscle will help the changes be more permanent.  The American Council on Exercise states:

Normally, only about 5% of dieters are successful in keeping weight off, and weight cycling is very common. Usually one-third of weight lost is regained within one year and almost all is regained within three to five years.”   

My plan includes conscious eating, exercise, and accountability.  I have a nutritionist helping me with my eating (which I will talk more about in a later post), and I am moving more throughout my day, taking some time to build back lost muscle.  Being social with my “exercise” helps me have fun while I do it and also keeps me accountable.  And, you all are my accountability as well:-)


  1. Victoria / Justice Pirate · August 19, 2011

    I think that even when you lose all the weight, you're still stretchy skinned. For instance, I had my firstborn son a little over 4.5 years ago and he was 10 pounds so I gained a good 60 pounds in my pregnancy with him. He stretched me out really really badly and I still have some skin that needs to snap back, but no one would know it because I'm so skinny as I always had been. It's almost snapped back now that I've been doing ballet. I learned the second time around to not gain so much weight while pregnant (gained 30 pounds with the second born) and that all went back so quickly but not the firstborn's damage to my body. haha. At least those boys were so worth it to me!!!!!!!

    Congratulations to you by the way. I think it took me a year and a half to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight for the first and about 9 months for the second. They say it takes about a year since you went about 10 months of pregnancy.


  2. Emily Grenier · August 22, 2011

    I agree that it should take about 9 months to get back to a pre-preggo weight, as it takes that much time to put it on. Usually it is recommended to aim for a pound a week when losing weight; however, when you consider that you lose a good chunk of weight in the two weeks following childbirth (baby, blood loss, water loss, etc), you get a jump start on the weight loss deal.

    Personally, my goal is to be active, eat responsibly, and breastfeed as long as I can (for my baby's health as well as it being a metabolism-booster, not to mention a cash-saver). Fitting back into my clothes comfortably is an indicator of how I am doing. Ultimately, a woman's body will likely change after childbirth, but as you said, Victoria, it is all worth it.


  3. Victoria / Justice Pirate · August 22, 2011

    Oh yes. Nursing is the best thing. I get sad when I hear of people who don't want to do that. It's got too many positives to NOT do. I do know a few women who had problems trying to nurse though no matter how much they wanted to. I nursed my sons for 15 months and 12 months.


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