Exercise Cannot Be Stored

A wise man in his 80’s once told me, “Exercise cannot be stored.”  He had been an athlete “back in his day”, especially known for his handball skills.  But he knew first hand that being known as an athlete in his former life would not bring health benefits to him later in life.  Even in his 80’s, he still exercises every day.  And I don’t just mean he does a few stretches and a walk down the hallway.  He probably devotes more time to being active than most people in their 20’s do.  What can we learn from this wise man?  That exercising is not meant to be done in clusters but should be a part of one’s daily lifestyle.  I think I will take the advice of this healthy, active, full-of-life 80-something year old.

Below is a picture of my grandfather who was a great example of living healthfully for 94 years.  He walked, swam, and gardened until the Lord took him Home.  

One comment

  1. Heidi Kabot · August 27, 2011

    love it! 🙂


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