The TV Workout

Tonight, my current favorite TV show is starting back up again.  Woohoo!  I find a lot of people are fanatical about their shows, and while I wouldn’t label myself a fanatic, I am rather excited about “Parenthood” being back on Tuesday nights.  I used to watch “Biggest Loser” on Tuesday nights, but since it is a 2 hour show, I found myself just sitting around for 2 hours.  Ironic, considering the show is about losing weight.

Anyway, why am I talking about TV, you ask?  Because I know that chances are that you like to watch it too!  Don’t worry, I am not going to tell you to stop watching TV.  I am not here to take the fun little things in life away from you or make you feel guilty.  However, I am going to encourage you to be aware of how much you sit throughout your day.  Back when I was working full-time as a Fitness Director, I would be pretty active all day long and when I got home, I just wanted to sit and relax.  I don’t see a problem with that–relaxation is necessary.  Now that I am a stay-at-home mom though, I need to make sure I have a good balance between moving and relaxing.  I’ll be honest with you that once I turn the TV on, it is easy to get sucked in and the minutes that I am just sitting around quickly pass me by.

So here is my challenge: next time you watch your weekly TV show, get up and move during the commercials!  Go upstairs and put a load of laundry in.  Go put the dishes in the dishwasher.  Go do any task that would get you off your butt for a few minutes.  If you are extra motivated, do a few jumping jacks or sit-ups or push-ups.  Stand up and sit down 20 times.  Keep some free weights in your living room.  Every little bit counts. The American Council on Sports Medicine says that you do not need to do your 30 minutes of  daily exercise all in just one session.  No need to dread your workout.  Make TV time a reward for doing a few exercises during commercials.

Tonight, while I watch my show, I vow to you that I will do a few “exercises” and think of you, wondering if you are doing them too 🙂

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