Friday Fit Tips

I am doing a 5-week class for moms and babies on Fridays and I am sharing with you the 2 tips that I shared with them.  The first is for the baby and the second is for the mom.

Baby Tip: Move with your baby to music!  PinnacleHealth states:

Bouncing your [baby] on your knee while singing a song or nursery rhyme is a sure way to elicit giggles and grins. It also happens to be how babies learn to dance to the beat for the rest of their lives. Researchers have found that musical rhythm awareness—the ability to hear a beat and move in time with it—develops during the first year of life.

 Mom Tip:  Chocolate milk is a great post-exercise snack!  Protein after exercise aids in the muscle-building process, and chocolate milk has the perfect carbohydrate/protein ratio.  Building muscle is especially important for moms who have lost muscle mass after being pregnant.  Click here to find out more about a study done on this topic.

I would recommend this chocolate milk.  Go to Horizon Organic’s website for coupons.

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