The Healthy Woman: Part 2

I am always looking for ways to get good healthy food at a decent price.  I have talked about using coupons, discount shopping, and taking advantage of sales when trying to buy healthy, organic food.  Some people would argue that it is too much work, or that it is just simply too expensive.  If you shop smart, you can shop healthy and not break the bank.  

Part 2 of our series on “The Healthy Woman” will address the food that we are putting in our fridge and pantry.  Part 1 was about pursuing a strong body, not merely for the surface appeal that being “fit” has, but because being strong helps you accomplish a purpose.
Our reference passage in Proverbs 31 actually talks about the significance of providing good food for yourself and your family.  Here is a quote:

She is like the merchant ships, bringing her food from afar (P 31:14 NIV).

Ok, so let’s digest this a little bit.  The woman that this quote is talking about probably does not own a boat and travel the seas to get her food.  However, to quote the ESV Study Bible, “She goes out of her way to secure fine food for her family.”  If you continue reading in the passage, it will also talk about how this woman is smart with her finances.  When I read this, I was encouraged.

Do you ever find yourself feeling guilty for buying healthy food that might be a little more expensive?  I do, sometimes, especially when people make their comments to me arguing that it’s a waste.  I believe that getting good quality food and being smart about the money you spend is something that God smiles upon.  One way to be smart with your money is to shop using the guide below.  Don’t buy organic when the foods are unlikely to have high amounts of pesticides in them–save your dollar!  However, splurge only on the foods that have high amounts of pesticides, like apples, celery, and strawberries.  We learn from this passage that being someone who is smart about getting good, quality food is something to strive for.  

*Just a note:  If you simply cannot afford anything organic, make sure you wash your produce with a produce wash.  You can make your own or buy it.  Click here for more thoughts on produce washes.

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