The Healthy Woman: Part 4

My mom always told me growing up that my name means industrious.  I am pretty sure this was not always true to who I was, however.  I was often found napping under the kitchen table while my sister and mom would clean up after a meal.  To get out of chores I would frequently use the excuse, “I have to go practice my piano.”  I would never practice piano unless it was a convenient opportunity to get out of something.  I admit that I tend to have a lazy side to me.  Therefore, this next part to our “Healthy Woman Series” is a challenge for me.

The focus for this challenge comes from this quote from Proverbs 31:

She does not eat the bread of idleness (P 31:27 NIV).

Another part of this passage also states that she works on wool and flax with “eager hands”.  This is always convicting for my un-eager hands, but the more I think about it, it kind of becomes exciting.  God made us to create and do and serve.  He made us to be people with purpose, and it does not include sitting around and being lazy.  For example:

  • Cleaning means giving my family a healthy place to rest and live.
  • Cooking and baking means eating more natural and nutritious foods.
  • Going to the grocery store means having fresh food instead of canned.
  • Creating/Crafting/Writing means using my gifts in ways that reflect God’s creativeness. 
  • Changing diapers means that Noah is not sitting in his crap:-)
  • Playing/reading means that my kid feels valued and loved.
Put some purpose into your actions!

Part 3 was about decreasing the amount of stress in our lives, and at times that means being still. However, stillness is not to be confused with idleness.  What’s the difference and what does it have to do with health?  Well, defines idle as “habitually doing nothing or avoiding work; lazy”.  Practically speaking, being idle means more sitting and eating and less moving and doing.  We need to be reminded that the more we move the healthier we’ll be (and the less we will likely eat)!  I will be the first to admit that I love things that are easy, so this is a challenge for me as well as for you.  Let’s get off our butts and stop being lazy!

Now, I play the piano because I enjoy it, not because I am trying to get out of chores.  These days, the chores don’t get done by my sister or mom while I am “practicing”.

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