The Healthy Woman: The Final Part

In this 5-part series, we have been exploring some tidbits of wisdom from Proverbs 31 and how the person that is written about is someone to strive to be like.  She is the ideal woman and she is healthy.  However, health is a part of who she is, not her identity.  Her identity comes from something deeper than her actions and her physical appearance.

Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. (P 31:30 NIV) 

To fear the Lord means to love, revere, respect, stand in awe and worship God. The problem is, I often “fear” things or people more than God. At times, I act as though I want the admiration of other people rather than a relationship with God.

Working hard for beauty is admirable, but won’t a perfect body fail you at some point? When I think about healthy living, it is tempting to make it an identity. We strive for recognition. We want people to know how much we work out, how often we go to Whole Foods, or that we lost ___ pounds. Even though my series is titled “The Healthy Woman”, that is not how she is known and recognized. She is praised for being one who fears the Lord, and she is healthy because that is where her identity is. Being strong and fit is a result of what she does and how she lives, but it is not who she is.  

There is a lot of wisdom in the quotes I have shared from Proverbs 31 throughout this series. We have learned that strengthening our bodies helps us perform our God-given tasks, that it is good and wise for us to eat quality and nutritious food, keeping stress away improves our lives, and that having purpose helps us to avoid laziness. Ultimately, we have learned that “The Healthy Woman” is defined through the health of her relationship with God.  

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