Back on Track

Phew…it’s been quite a crazy couple of weeks for me.  After a series of minor random health inconveniences that culminated with the stomach bug, it’s time to get back on the health track.  Everyone faces those times in life that throw you off of the good routine that you worked hard to establish.  Whether it’s the holidays, illness, family drama, or a tragedy, we all know what it is like to go into survival mode.  For me, survival mode is not always healthy mode. Survival means that I eat whatever is at my fingertips and exercise is not a priority.

This is just a word of encouragement and motivation: get back on track NOW!  Thanksgiving may have thrown you off, but don’t wait until January 1st to return to your healthy habits.  Throughout December, I will try to give you ideas and motivation for staying healthy through the holidays.  Kailo Christmastime is here!

Santa dropped out at mile 1 --- to much milk & cookies from last Christmas!!!
By the way, I feel like I always see a Santa running at every  race that I go to (no matter what time of year), so this is for the Santa that ran at the Tel Hai Turkey Bowl 2011.  Even Santa finds time for exercise:-)

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