The Dreaded Scale

Ok, so many of you probably dread the scale–especially in January after the holidays.  Here are some thoughts I have on that fluctuating friend of mine…

  • The scale is a guide.  It does not give you a full report of your health, but it is a guide that lets you know if you are headed in the right direction.  Because this number does not tell you how much body fat you have or how hydrated you are, consider buying a scale with that information or asking your gym or a friend if they have one (like the one pictured above).
  • Give yourself a range.  After having my baby, my goal was to get back into my “healthy range” — not necessarily to be at a certain number.  For me, it is a 5-pound range that I can be healthy at.  I eat comfortably, I exercise regularly, I feel good and my body is happy when I am in this range.    Over the holiday season, having a healthy range allows you some cushion.  When you get to the top of the range, discipline yourself a little more.
  • My tip to you: weigh yourself regularly this December.  Weigh yourself at the same time of day and with the same amount of clothes on.  Personally, I weigh myself in the morning, before breakfast, after going to the bathroom, without clothes on:-)  Keep an eye on things so that the number doesn’t start to creep up on you.  No surprises come January!
Think of the scale as an accountability partner.  Don’t obsess about it, just use it as a tool to help you stay healthy this December.  Happy Kailo Christmastime!
While Baby Noah is encouraged to gain weight this winter,  I would prefer not to gain back the baby weight I lost.

One comment

  1. Victoria / Justice Pirate · December 9, 2011

    . . .I don't own a scale. eek. This is great advice for if I did have one though!!!


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