New Year’s Resolutions

It’s time to get on with the rest of the year, and as it is stated above, that is the time that really matters in regards to your health.  That said, did you make a New Year’s resolution??  To me, the “r” word is kind of like the “d” word, and often times, going on a diet is part of one’s resolution.  What I don’t like about diets and resolutions is that they simply don’t last.  I don’t want to be a downer, but I do want to encourage you towards a healthy lifestyle–all year around.

Resolution means “the act of resolving”. Here is what says about what it means to resolve:

  • Definition of RESOLVE

    : to reach a firm decision about

  • Origin of RESOLVE

    Middle English, from Latin resolvere to unloose, dissolve, from re- + solvere to loosen, release — more at solve

  • Definition of SOLVE 

                    : to find a solution, explanation, or answer for <solve a problem> 

The new year is a good time to think about the previous year and see what the problem areas of your life have been.  It’s a time when we seek to find a solution, and make a “firm decision” about improving your life.  For some people, setting specific goals might work.  However, I suggest that you ask a question instead.  Asking yourself if what you are doing is part of the solution will help you create healthy habits instead of achieving the short-term high of reaching a goal.  
For me, I have identified my problem to be clutter and my solution is to simplify.  I am stressed when my life is full of clutter and I am making a firm decision to simplify because that is when I am a better person to be around.  When making a decision, I will ask myself, “Will this make my life more cluttered?  If so, is it worth the clutter?”  I hope to share with you in the future how being simple will affect my health and my budget.  Stay tuned and stay healthy.  


  1. Megan · January 3, 2012

    Have you read (or heard of) the book “Organized Simplicity”? I had it out of the library for a while and now have my own copy. I still haven't read the whole thing, but I think it's going to help me with simplifying. The author's name is Tsh Oxenreider, and her blog is Of course, now that I'm typing this I think I'm remembering mentioning the book to you before… Anyway, I have it now so let me know if you want to look at it sometime.


  2. Emily Grenier · January 3, 2012

    thanks, megan! i remember you talking about this website and i have checked it out–looks great. i will probably be referencing it in future posts:-)


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