I cannot explain to you how cravings have taken over my life for the past 3 months.  I have come home from the grocery store with things that I have never bought before, I have ordered food from restaurants that I have never ordered before, and I have astonished my husband on more than one occasion by my appetite.  I have not felt motivated to write a blog post lately, partly because I have not been practicing healthy eating habits.  I have been eating to survive and to satisfy, thanks to cravings, hunger, and nausea.

Since not only pregnant people have cravings, I thought it would be appropriate to address this problem that we all have at some point in time.  One of my rules of thumb that I have always given as professional advice is to go ahead and eat what you are craving.  This might sound crazy, but here is the logic: you will probably eat all kinds of “healthy” things to try to satisfy the craving that you have ended up taking in more calories than you would have if you just ate what you were craving in the first place.  The key is to eat it in moderation!  If you can’t afford the calories, just have a bite or two to satisfy the craving, then move on to a healthier option if you are still hungry.  If you know that you will be happy with a healthier substitute, then by all means go for the better option!  However, for me, I know that an apple just does not cut it when I am craving ice cream.

My favorite thing to eat when I am craving chocolate is 70-80% dark chocolate.  It satisfies my craving for chocolate, but I only want one square because of its slightly bitter taste.  Remember, don’t go crazy–moderation is the key!

Baby food bananas: my strangest first trimester craving.

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