Medicinal Exercise

Exercise is medicine.  Doctors know it and are even prescribing it.  This has been a topic that I have been passionate about for a long time, but I just came across an article with some updated information about how doctors are telling their patients to exercise much more than they used to.  Here is a glimpse of what the article is about:

The latest research documenting these benefits was reported by the Centers for Disease Control last week and featured in an article by Associated Press writer, Mike Stobbe, who wrote: “A government survey found nearly 33 percent of adults who saw a doctor in the previous year said they were told to exercise. That was up from about 23 percent in 2000.”

Read more: here

 I hope to see that 33% keep rising because all of us need exercise whether we take medicine or not.  Think of it as preventative medicine.  Happy exercising!

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