Do you feel beautiful today?

Beauty.  It’s a thing that seems to come and go.  There are days when I feel beautiful and days when I feel like I have been attacked by a beast.  Why is that?  Sometimes we try so hard to achieve beauty, but is it really something that can be achieved?  Are we ever satisfied?

I was recently talking with some friends about how one feels when pregnant.  In all honesty, your body does some pretty crazy things over the course of these 9 (actually 10) months, but some women feel most beautiful when they are pregnant.  It’s weird how that feeling can all go away moments after the baby is born and then last for months.  I read this article that really made me think about beauty, and I wanted to share a snippet with you.

When you watch a sunrise and become enraptured by its beauty and glory, you don’t see the moon leave. It just does. Sometimes the moon is still there when the sun comes out. But you don’t see it if you’re focused on the sun. The immeasurable riches of Christ are like the sun. When we’re caught up in the joy and sufficiency of Jesus, lesser things cease to matter.

As the Son becomes greater in our hearts, other pursuits fade away.

When we are caught up in the immeasurable riches of Christ and content with all He offers us, contentment with our physical appearance will follow, just like it does with money. Then we are freed to rejoice in the beauty of others, use makeup to enhance our beauty in a God-honoring way, and wear the clothing we enjoy wearing. 

I encourage you to read the whole thing for some good, thought-provoking ideas.  It challenged me to think about what kind of beauty I am really pursuing.

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