Deals on Organic and Natural products

I go through phases with the whole couponing thing, but when it comes to natural and organic products, if I can save, I will.  The problem is that these kind of deals and coupons are harder to come by.  However, I rarely purchase Stonyfield’s products without a coupon, making it much more cost-effective to buy organic in this area. Sometimes people overlook the organic products because they automatically think it’s too expensive.  Here is an example:

Stonyfield Organic Activia strawberry yogurt: $2.09
Yoplait Yo-plus strawberry yogurt: $2.19

Both of these products at GIANT are geared towards digestive health and both are a total of 16 oz. of yogurt (4-pack of 4 oz cups).  Here’s the thing, if you go to Stonyfield’s website you can print out a $0.50 coupon for this product (and many other products).  At GIANT and many other food stores they will double your coupon.  Therefore, I spent $1.09 for 4 cups of organic yogurt.  It’s not hard…no excuses.

But wait, there is more.  No, I do not work for Stonyfield (or GIANT), but Stonyfield has this great rewards program where I can get other free products.  Every time I buy yogurt, I go to the website and enter in the code and it will give me points.  Especially with a baby, these points add up as yogurt is a staple in our house. I decided to use some of my points (only 20!) to get KIWI magazine for a year.  KIWI has been a great resource for raising kids in a more natural way and has provided me with many coupons as well.  I just used a $3 coupon from the magazine on Zevia at GIANT yesterday (which was already on sale for $4.99).  Therefore, I spent $2 for a 6-pack of natural, calorie-free soda.

Ok, here is my point:  there are ways to save on natural and organic products, and it doesn’t take a crazy amount of work to do it.  Here are previous posts of mine on organic coupons, and organic bargains.

One comment

  1. I've never heard of Kiwi before. I can't wait to check it out!

    I, too, love Stonyfield. Their points program is super! Who can beat getting rewarded for buying organic with a certificate to buy more organic stuff (I choose the milk one every time!)?!?!


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