Back on January 2nd I wrote about New Year’s resolutions and why I don’t really like them.  However, I realized that it was a good thing to identify a problem-area in one’s life and seek to make decisions that would move towards a solution.  I put in writing about how a problem in my life was clutter and when making decisions, I would seek to keep in mind that I needed to simplify.  On January 4th, I found out that I was pregnant.  How in the world am I supposed to simplify my life when it’s about to become more complicated??

A part of our spring cleaning this year, we are forced to get rid of and organize junk in order to make another room available for our growing family.  The more stuff I have, the more stressed I am; I cannot afford that kind of stress in my life right now.  Little by little, I will keep making decisions to de-clutter, even if life is about to get a little more busy.  The quote below will explain why:
p.s. from my photo archives… if you know the source, please share! :)

Getting rid of (unnecessary) stuff means getting rid of stress.  Reducing stress means increasing health.  There are 2 more ways that I want to challenge you (along with myself) to simplify — read about them in my next 2 posts.  

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