Simplify Your Food

In my last post, I mentioned how simplifying one’s life can help reduce stress.  This principle does not only apply to the process of getting rid of junk in the home, but getting rid of junk in the diet.  Eating food in its purist, most simple form is challenging when there are so many packaged products that can make life a lot easier.  My goal: eat simple and keep it easy.  I recommend that when you do purchase packaged foods–which I have plenty of in my pantry–seek to buy foods with minimal amount of ingredients on the label.

Even foods that you think are simple, like apples, can contain more than you think in the form of pesticides.  Buying organic can help take care of that problem, and I just read about 10 tips for how to eat organic in an affordable way.

And of course one of the best ways to get food in its most simple form is from your own garden!  I am thankful for my husband who likes to garden, and my father-in-law who helped him while I watched the kiddo.

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