How I satisfied my Chocolate Craving

Today I had a craving for chocolate.  I started to eat from the bag of dark chocolate chips that I had in my cupboard, then I decided to make some chocolate chip cookies.  I went to for a healthy cookie recipe, and in no time my chocolate craving was satisfied with minimal guilt.  Here is the turnout (what’s left of it):

You can find the recipe on, and here are a few of my notes:
  • I used white whole wheat flour
  • I used Ghiradelli’s dark chocolate chips (60% cocoa)
  • I used coconut crystals and organic cane sugar to sweeten
  • I used coconut oil (melted)
  • I used 3 tbsp. of 1% milk
  • Use parchment paper on your cookie pan–no washing pans!
My favorite part of this recipe is that I didn’t have to get out the big, heavy Kitchen Aide–I just mixed it the old fashioned way with a spatula–it was so easy!  That is the why I usually stay away from making cookies.  Also, I liked this recipe because it made only 10 cookies (a.k.a. no over-indulging on extras).  My husband approved and I felt okay about giving them to Noah.  I think he enjoyed the healthy brownies better, honestly, but I am more of a cookie person.  Happy indulging!

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