The Magic Smoothie

Well, really it’s a Magic Bullet smoothie.  So easy.  So delicious.  Kid-friendly.  And with it being nothing but healthy goodness going into your body, how can you pass this up?!  Here is my how-to:
Add fruit and veggies to Magic Bullet cup.  Here I have spinach, banana, frozen blueberries, and frozen orange juice concentrate (no added sugar, just oranges). 


I added water, and screwed on the blade.  It only took about 15-20 seconds to blend.
The finished product.

Noah loves smoothies!  And I love being able to get more fruit and veggies into his diet.

Clean up is easy as can be: rinse cup, put in dishwasher.

I love my Magic Bullet.  I barely ever use my normal blender anymore, and this also does a pretty good job for my food processor as well.  It comes with several cups so I can use it often without having to clean the cup right away.  The small size is so easy to store.  Have I gushed enough, yet??

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