Being Blue

If you knew how old you will be when you die, would it change the way you live?  I’ve always wanted to live to be 100.  Biblically speaking, living a long life is an honorable thing.  However, God does not have it in his plans for everyone to live to a ripe old age (Jesus died when he was only 33).  Not knowing how many days I have left to live, I must plan for the long haul but always be ready for the unexpected.

A while back I read the book “The Blue Zones:  Lessons for Living Longer from the People Who’ve Lived the Longest” by Dan Buettner.  A blue zone is an area/community in the world where there are an unusual amount of people who are centenarians (100 years old).  This book researches the lifestyles and secrets of these people and gives us some tips in the process.  I will do a series of posts on how to be “blue”, starting with the first lesson from the book: move naturally.

One of the common denominators of these centenarians is the active lifestyle they have lived over the course of their lives.  It may have been due to their occupation, their environment, or their choice–but one thing pretty consistent about the human body is that the more it moves, the slower the rate of deterioration.  Here are some tips from the book:

  • Inconvenience yourself (take the stairs, park far away, etc.)
  • Have fun
  • Walk
  • Make a date to move with other people
  • Plant a garden
  • Practice yoga
Here is my tip:
  • Who cares what you wear.  I found that if I have to change clothes and shoes whenever I “exercise”, then it is less likely to happen.  Sometimes, it takes all I have to just get out the door with a toddler, so if that means going for a walk in flip flops, I’ll take it!  It will always be better to walk in flip flops and a dress than to not go for a walk at all.  If I have a 20-minute time slot before my child melts down, I would rather be moving for all 20, instead of wasting it trying to get dressed in my exercise attire.
I have said this before and “The Blue Zones” book seems to confirm this statement:  it is not only about getting your 30-minute workout each day, it is about having a healthy and active lifestyle throughout the day.
This 109-year old still gardens!  Now THAT is active living!

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