Stop Eating…

…when you are 80% full.  This is what they do in the Okianawa blue zone and it is the meaning of their mantra, “Hara Hachi Bu”.  I have read “The Blue Zones” book and am passing on the lessons that we can learn from the people who have lived the longest.  This is a lesson that most Americans, including myself, need to put into practice.  I love to eat and I eat a lot (thankfully I have a pretty good metabolism), but it would do me good to pay attention to this mantra.

Here are tips from Dan Beuttner’s book:

  • Serve your food at the counter, then store the leftovers
  • Make your food look bigger by using smaller dishes
  • Make snacking a hassle–hide them!
  • Buy small packages
  • Weigh yourself regularly
  • Eat slowly
  • Sit down while you eat
  • Don’t eat late at night
Here is my tip:
  • Drink water or Iced green tea before and during your meal to help fill you up.  Also, drink water before snacking–sometimes we mix up the thirst and hunger cues and can find that our body just might need to be hydrated.  Eating foods with a lot of water in them like watermelon, soup, etc. can also help with feeling full. 
Noah loves to eat, just like his mama.  It’s exhausting!

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