Spring Crops!

This week has been great for our garden and it has brought me so much joy!  There is nothing like food going directly from the ground into your mouth–it’s the way God intended it to be, I am sure.  Our big 3 of the week were strawberries, spinach, and cherries.  Here are some pictures of the strawberries and cherries (I didn’t get a chance to photograph the spinach salad and spinach smoothies that I have been enjoying).

Noah is already fascinated with the garden.
He is ready to eat any fresh fruit you give him.
Strawberries make him especially happy! (and we found out he LOVES cherries too)
Our best year yet for strawberries.

This was a GREAT year for cherries!  We were competing with the birds for these babies.
Mike has always wanted me to make a cherry pie with our cherries.  I told him that if he picks them and pits them, then I would be more than happy to make him a pie.  Picking them was the hardest part and took two of us (no ladder), pitting them was just annoying.

It was worth all the work!  I made a sour cherry pie with an almond/oat crumble top.  Recipe can be found here.


  1. Carolyn · May 27, 2012

    Wow, Emily, you are quite the gardener (Mike, too)! Good for you!!


  2. Emily Grenier · May 27, 2012

    honestly, i can't take credit for the garden…mike does all the work! i like to do the preparing and eating:-)


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