Water Workout

It is a beautiful June day, and there is no better way to get a little exercise than to head to the pool!  I am usually not the type to get excited about swimming, but since April I have been chomping at the bit (being in my third trimester has changed things a bit).  We suspended our gym membership for the summer knowing that we would be outside more and taking advantage of the pool in our neighborhood.  

The benefits of water:  If you are pregnant or have joint problems, it is a non weight-bearing exercise and takes the pressure off the places where you might have pain.  Also, if you have restrictions on how high your heart rate can go (like most pregnant women do), being in a supine/prone (laying down) position will help keep that in check.  There were other perks to my pool trip as well, like being outside and getting a little Vitamin D, keeping cool and controlling my body temperature on a hot day, and having some quiet time for stress relief.
How to spice up your water workout:  Lap swimming is definitely a great workout, however, I wanted to add something else in today.  Even though I am pregnant in my third trimester, I got to go for a jog!  Water jogging is an excellent workout–you may look funny doing it but it will get your heart pumping.  Basically, you just go to the deep end and jog, just like you would outside of water.  You move forward at a slow pace, but your wheels are definitely turning if you want to stay above water.
When you are at the pool with a kid:  Most of the times that I will be going to the pool this summer, I will have Noah along with me.  Treading water is a great way to burn calories while you are playing.  As often as you can, instead of just standing around, try to tread water to get those muscles moving.  Playing in the pool with your kids is not only fun family time, but as you are moving against resistance it is a fun way of getting in some active time too.  
These are only a few reasons to hit up the pool this summer.  Oh and not to mention, chances are when you are in the pool, you aren’t eating–that is a perk as well.  One final tip:  make sure you drink lots of water to stay hydrated, as it is hard to recognize the energy you are expending and the sweat you may be losing due to being in and out the water.  Happy swimming!

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  1. raisealithuman · June 16, 2012

    I was in the pool (aqua therapy) during most of my second and all of my third trimester. It was wonderful! I felt better in the pool than anywhere else when I was far along. In fact, I wanted to live my life in the pool. (I was convinced that if one just gave me a laptop and a kitchen, poolside, I could've done anything.)

    Hope you enjoy your summer with your sweet boy and continue to feel good. LMK if you need anything.


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