Local Favorites

Here are a few of my healthy favorites in the Harrisburg area:

Favorite Farmers Markets:  West Shore Farmer’s Market — My Favorite place to go to is the The Juicy Rumor to get fresh juice or a fresh smoothie.

Favorite Naturopathic Doctor:  Jessica Shoemaker, ND — Natural Paths to Wellness has helped me tremendously in figuring out the root causes of some symptoms I was having a while back.  It was well worth the money just to have someone who knew what they were doing really try to figure out what is going on in your body.  Often times, I leave the medical doctor’s office hopeless and depressed, but with Dr. Jess I would always feel like progress was being made.

Favorite Massage Therapist:  Lindsay Aiken, Massage Therapist — Lindsay recently gave me a pre-natal massage that helped with some of the back pain I have been having.  She has a great touch and is very welcoming and accommodating for whatever your needs might be.  She recently added me as a health contributor to her blog.

Favorite Gym that’s cheap: Planet Fitness on Allentown Blvd. — For $10 a month you can’t beat it.  It has tons of machines, so if all you are looking for is a place to go work out, this is your best value.  Since it’s open 24 hours on most days of the week, it is convenient.  This location will have a brand new gym in the next few months.

Favorite Gym with all the bells and whistles:  LA Fitness on Jonestown Rd. — This was a great gym to be a member of while training for my triathlon a couple of years ago.  The pool was nice and the spin classes were great.  I will also add Momentum Female Fitness Center, because I know of all the great programs they have.  While I haven’t been a member there, that is where I did my internship in college and was familiarized with all they had to offer.  From what I have heard, many women love being members there, but I did not feel like it was my calling to work at Momentum.

Favorite Health Food Store:  The Healthy Grocer — I love to get fresh juice from their juice bar, and an occasional item from their baked goods section 🙂  I also like their variety of health foods and cosmetics/toiletries, although their prices can be high.

Favorite Mainstream Grocery Store:  Giant Foods on Linglestown Road — This new and large store is where I do my weekly grocery shopping trip.  Giant has great sales and carries the Nature’s Promise line, which offers natural and organic foods at a pretty reasonable price.  They also have the community center on the upper level where I took my child birth classes and now go to a weekly new mom’s group/playgroup.  Wegmans is a favorite as well, but I don’t make it over to the West Shore as often.  They have a big natural and organic section and the Wegman’s brand offers lots of organic products as well.

Favorite Nutritionist:  Sarah Glunz, MS, CNS — Sarah has helped me a lot, starting back before I had kids.  She helped me through some special diets I had to be on, she helped me through pre-natal eating with Noah, and she helped me lose the baby weight after Noah.  Since she works for Giant, there is a great deal where the money you pay for seeing Sarah goes towards your next grocery bill.  She has previously been featured on my blog about a post on a nutrition plan that worked for me.

Favorite Wellness Center:  The Family Wellness Center — This centers offers a variety of services from chiropractic and yoga to massage and nutrition.  I enjoy going to their free workshops.

These are some of my healthy local favorites, I hope you check them out!

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