Red, White, and Blue

Freedom is a beautiful thing.  However, along with freedom comes choice.  We are free to choose our religion, free to choose our lifestyle, free to choose our purpose.  While having the freedom to choose is a very beautiful thing, it is also something that comes with a lot of responsibility, and sometimes we as imperfect people cannot handle the responsibility.  We have to face the consequences of our choices and take ownership of the repercussions.  This is very true when our everyday choices end up leading to an unhealthy lifestyle.

Lately, there has been a lot of government action on removing certain foods from schools and banning certain things from restaurants and cities.  I am all about trying to make our nation healthier, but we have to realize that what has made us unhealthy are the poor choices that we make.  We need to focus on teaching kids and educating people on how to make healthy decisions when in line to order food.  Take pride and ownership in the healthy decisions that you make.

I have said it before and I’ll keep saying it again:  being healthy is a lifestyle, and a lifestyle is made up of millions of little choices.  If you make the healthy choice most of the time, then it’s ok to indulge some of the time.  Enjoy your 4th of July–celebrate the freedom that many have fought hard for!  And then make sure you go back to living a healthy lifestyle 🙂  Be proud to be a (healthy) American!

Red strawberries, white coconut, and blueberries — now THAT would make a patriotic (and healthy) smoothie!

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