Food Snob?

I like to eat healthy and organic.  However, I feel strongly that there is a tactful way to go about being a healthy/organic eater.  Here are some tips to make sure you are not a food snob:

  • When going out to eat with friends, just go with the flow.  Simply find something on the menu to eat that coincides with your food conscience, and don’t make a big stink about what you are ordering or where to eat.  Don’t criticize what other people order, either.
  • When going to someone else’s house, eat what they serve you.  They likely worked hard over the meal and did so lovingly.  If there is something that you do not eat or are allergic to, just graciously pass the plate by.
  • When eating around other people, don’t be a food judge.  If other’s ask your opinion, then kindly share it, but don’t make other people feel guilty about their decisions.  Eating is a very personal thing, and while it’s good to motivate others, there is a tactful way to do it.  
I find that some people will naturally feel guilty around me because they know I am a health and fitness person.  They often feel the need to explain their behavior or eating habits — which I will happily listen to — but I never want someone to feel like I am judging how healthy they are.  I will often be the first to eat a cookie at a social gathering, so no judgement here.  Being healthy is so much about what you do every day at home or work, and not what you do when you go out with people every once in a while.  
I read an interesting article that got me thinking more about this “food snob” concept.  Here is a quote that will hopefully encourage you to read the whole article:

Well, according to the study, they [organic eaters] tend to congratulate themselves for their moral and environmental choices, affording them the tendency to look down on others who don’t share their desire for pesticide-free living.

Read more:

Please be aware of the fact that you may fall into the “food snob” category if you are an organic eater.  My goal is to help make healthy and organic eating something that becomes the norm, without making people want to avoid me because of it.

Food is such a social thing — let’s not ostracize people because of our food convictions!

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