Why Not?

The Olympics are over and it is a good time to ask, why not?  Why not try a new sport?  Why not have a little more discipline when it comes to fitness?  Why not set a new goal and strive to achieve something you have never done before?

There were 2 things that stood out to me when watching the Olympics this summer:  1) there are Olympic athletes of all ages–age is not an excuse not to be involved in a sport, and 2) there are so many sports out there that we never knew existed or hear talked about.  This second thing especially struck me as important, because we need to understand that God made each person talented in their own way.  If our kids do not do well at the typical school sports that are offered, there are a whole slew of options out there for them.  For those of us out of school, it opens our eyes to the fact that there are so many opportunities out there to stay active even if our high school athletic days are over.  
My closing thought for you:  why not find a sport that you enjoy and do it?!
Tennis is a great life-long sport.  Here is my dad playing tennis when he was a young thing wearing short shorts, and he still plays today in his 60’s.

One comment

  1. Victoria / Justice Pirate · August 22, 2012

    That is great that your dad has stuck with his sport for so long. My dad used to be athletic but has polymyalgia in his mid 60s, so oh well for him I suppose. Good advice to do what you want to do regarding a sport.


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