The Cost of Clean

Many of us carry around little bottles of antibacterial soap in our purses and love to just erase any trace of germs on our hands and in our homes.  I admit to having my little bottle and using it frequently when out and about, but at what cost are we so desperately avoiding germs?

I could continue on about how crossing paths with a few germs here and there is not always a bad thing, but right now I want to raise your attention to the health cost that might be involved in using antibacterial soaps containing a popular ingredient called triclosan.  I will simply share an article I read this morning, however, this is nothing new or surprising to me.  The article states:

After exposing the cells to levels of triclosan similar to amounts people use daily, Pessah and his colleagues found that the chemical greatly interfered with the muscles’ ability to contract when stimulated, a response known as ‘excitation-contraction coupling.’

Read more:

A few years back when I started to care about the ingredients in my products, I read about the potential hazards of this chemical and have been trying to avoid it ever since.  Since I wash my hands so many times a day, I figured this was something I should care about due to the amount of exposure I would have to this chemical on a regular basis.  Are you ready to give up your Bath and Body Works soap for the sake of your health?
Now all the soaps I buy are without triclosan, however, I often get gifts of BBW soaps and that is why my powder room sometimes looks like this.  My guests usually like the good-smelling stuff.  

One comment

  1. Megan · August 15, 2012

    For me it's an easy decision, because I'm allergic to triclosan. Betweeen that and allergies to two ingredients in Bath and Body Works' lotions, I don't ever bother to shop there. They sell candles too, don't they? I guess they'd be safer. 🙂


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