"To Weigh or Not to Weigh?"

That is the question that is addressed in an article that I just read.  It was very insightful so I wanted to direct you to it.  This is the opening statement and I will let you read further to hear their suggestions for smart scale strategies:

One argument for stepping on the scale: Research shows that people who weigh themselves regularly do better on weight-loss programs than those who don’t.
However, obsessing over the scale is just as damaging as not using one at all. In fact, giving too much power to those little numbers keeps you focused on only the pounds lost, rather than on the bigger picture—your health.

I also have some thoughts that I shared on the issue in a previous holiday post.  Right now, I dread getting on the scale and seeing the numbers creep upward as my body is housing another growing human being.  That will soon change, however, and I am sure I will be stepping on the scale regularly hoping to see that number go back down to where it started.

Ultimately, keep in mind that–as the article stated–the goal is (or should be) health.

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