For the Men

First off, I feel a little uncomfortable writing about this because I am not a man, but an article I read sparked my interest and so I ask:  is it true that men eat less fruits and vegetables than women?  It is probably true in my household–and that goes for both my husband and 18 month old son.  But why does this tend to be the norm?  As a woman, I don’t want to claim that we are a “healthier” sex than men, because I don’t think it is true.  However, for some reason studies show that women tend to eat more fruits/veggies, which is an indicator of health.

There was a recent study that came out and explored why this might be the case.

The study showed that “men don’t believe as strongly as women that fruit and vegetable consumption is an important part of maintaining health,” said study researcher John A. Updegraff, associate professor of social and health psychology at Kent State University in Ohio. It also showed that “men feel less confident in their ability to eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, especially when they are at work or in front of the television,” he said.

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The stereotype is definitely out there that women care more about diet then men, but I am hoping that it will one day go away.  We know that women tend to live longer than men, and I am sure that could be due to various factors.  My question is: do men think that certain foods (unhealthy foods) are more “manly” and healthy/nutritious foods less “manly”?  I hope not, for their health’s sake.

These are my men, who I love dearly, whether they eat their veggies or not.

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