Labor Pains

Labor pains on labor day did not happen as I hoped they would.  However, I got to thinking about labor pains in a different light–a “no pain, no gain” type of mentality.  I have been feeling pretty anxious about going into labor for the second time, but I have also been feeling very excited to meet my new little one.  Last time around, I compared it to a marathon:  months of pain leading up to the event, “26.2 miles” worth of laborious agony, all to gain a precious reward after crossing the finish line.

While the “no pain, no gain” motto might not be true for every situation in every person’s life, it is a pretty basic principle of life and a fairly accurate principle of health.  The pain of saying no to seconds or choosing a healthier food option, just like the pain of sore muscles after a good workout, is worth it when you realize all that is gained in one’s health.  Health is a precious reward for hard work and discipline, one that we often take for granted.

Continue on in your healthy choices while I take a short break from blogging to go have a baby.  An update will be here soon enough on our new little bundle!

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  1. · September 6, 2012

    Have fun having another baby!!!! hehehe. So wonderful!!


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