In your pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, have you ever felt torn between two good things?  For example, should I be home with family or should I go to the gym?  Should I pack a healthy lunch or should I eat out with coworkers?  Should I take my kids to the library, or take them for a walk?  Should I eat the food someone lovingly made for me, or should I have a salad instead.  These are all good things, and often times it feels like I am torn between people/relationships or health.

People should come first.  Think about it, isn’t part of the reason you are trying to be healthy so you can have more quality years with the people you love?  However, it is a personal goal of mine not to have to choose one or the other, and I would encourage you to aim for the same.  Find ways to include people in your healthy decisions.  Spend time exercising with your family instead of leaving them to work out.  Make healthy choices when going out with your coworkers for lunch.  Walk to the library if possible, and choose smaller portion sizes of the decadent foods that people lovingly make for you.  Take your spouse with you to the gym or play a game of tennis together and make it a date night.

Make it a part of your lifestyle to include the people around you in your healthy choices.  My favorite way to do this is to walk and play with my family and go for walks with my friends as we catch up.  Relationships are important–don’t be quick to sacrifice quality time with your loved ones.

After Mike comes home from work, there are only so many hours where we are together as a family.   Being active together is always the ideal option for exercise.

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