Healthy Halloween? Yeah, Right!

What a fun time of year!  Dressing up, candy, fall weather, candy, hayrides, and more CANDY!  Oh my.  I cringe when I think about how much candy I ate on Halloweens past.  Since there is an abundance of candy to be had for the trick-or-treaters of 2012, I decided to offer a tasty, healthier alternative.  To my husband’s dismay, we were “that” house who gave something healthy–an applesauce pouch–to each child.  The reactions were interesting–some were amused, surprised, excited, and disappointed.  Thank you, Costco, for selling these “treats” in bulk…my family has been enjoying the leftovers–yes, even my husband.

(For those of you confused about why we already had Halloween, Central PA does things a little bit weird.)

One comment

  1. Erin and Ryan · October 31, 2012

    That's a cute idea!


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