Eat, Drink, and be Healthy!

So have you ever heard someone say, “Don’t drink your calories?”  I agree with this idea that it is probably much more satisfying to eat your calories rather than drink them.  However, sometimes a drink can be just what the body craves.  Drinks are often loaded with sugar and calories, and if they aren’t, then they are probably loaded with a bunch of artificial chemicals that won’t do you any good.  This is the dilemma: when to indulge and when to be a smart drinker.  This time of year it is especially difficult with all those yummy peppermint, cinnamon, and eggnog drinks out there.

I am the first to admit that if I have coffee, I like it sweet.  However, I was recently challenged by Dr. Andrew Weil when he was on the Dr. Oz show.  He made a comment on how America has gotten use to having their drinks so sweet, and I realized that this is very true for me.  I set out to change my habits in how I drink my green tea, and I am finally at a point where I enjoy drinking it plain.  Coffee, on the other hand, is still a work in progress.

Here are some drinking tips for you:

  • When ordering specialty coffees or coffees from a fast food restaurant, add your own sweetener (preferably sugar or Stevia).  The amount you add will almost always be less than what they will add and it will also be more natural.  My drink of choice on the go is a McDonald’s non-fat plain latte with my own Stevia added.
  • Carry Stevia packets or drops in your purse or car so you are prepared on the go and don’t have to cave to the calories when you need a caffeine fix.  
  • If you are a juice or iced tea person, water it down!  You can also add some seltzer to make your own soda drink.
  • Make your own iced tea with a Keurig.  Let the water go through without anything in the cup holder and add a tea bag.  Let it sit a few minutes and then add ice.  Simple as pie.  I do this multiple times a day to get iced green tea.
  • Make sure your smoothies are nutritious and used with whole fruits.  Remember, it should probably replace a snack because it is pretty much your snack in liquid form (as opposed to accompanying a snack).  Smoothies are a great way to get fruits and vegetables into your body in a quick and easy form, and no added sugar is needed.
  • My recent healthy indulgence drink is my own Orange Julius:  Some 100% OJ, some milk, some chia seeds, and a touch of vanilla…YUM!
Eat, drink, and be healthy!

This is sea bucktorn juice, Dr. Andrew Weil’s healthy drink of choice.
I hope to get his book True Food and report to you what I have learned.

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