My 5 Faves: Winter Walking

Five Favorite Winter Walks:

  • When it’s cold, rainy, or snowy and I want to get some walking in, to the mall I go!  They usually have a play area for the kids to get some exercise too.  (For locals, Park City is my favorite walking mall.)
  • If the weather is cooperating, the zoo is a great place to get some walking in.  There are not many people there, so speeding up and down the pathways is not a problem.
  • Bundle up and walk the neighborhood at night to look at all the Christmas lights.
  • Walk the stairs when you can’t leave the house…it’s a great workout!
  • A strip mall or a shopping center is a good half-way to indoor/outdoor walking.  You can just go in a store when it gets too cold, browse the store to warm up, then continue on.

Don’t let the winter months be an excuse for not getting as many steps in throughout the day!  My son is at his happiest when he is walking, running, and exploring.  We are happier, too, when we are getting a good endorphin dose in the cold, dark, months of winter.

By the way, need a Christmas gift idea?  Encourage activity with a new pair of sneakers.  Both my kids will be getting new shoes this year (although, one won’t be walking for quite a while yet…what can I say, baby shoes are cute).

Are you more of a runner?  Here are some tips for running in the cold.

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