It is quiet in my house right now, and there are a ton of things I want to do while the kids are napping…dishes, laundry, exercise, sleep, eat, shower, email….

There are so many ways to spend this precious time, but I have to remind myself that rest and reflection are a part of a healthy and balanced life too.  So I will reflect to you some thoughts on Christmas:

  • Traditions:  This time of year there are so many traditions.  My little family is just starting to create our own traditions, and some traditions have changed and evolved with my big family.  There is a time to cherish traditions like baking cookies with family(even if they are not healthy), and there is a time to change traditions to be healthier as a family.  Find a balance, and think about starting new traditions around Christmas (Christmas caroling, skiing, walking to see the Christmas lights).
  • Food: Oh the fabulous flavors of Christmas! Enjoy them in moderation, send home leftovers with guests, and bring something healthy to a party.  
  • The Scale:  Weigh yourself regularly through the holidays to keep track of how much you might be putting on.  You don’t want to be shocked come January.
  • Holiday Stress:  This season we celebrate the source of peace that goes beyond our understanding.  The birth of Jesus is the reason for hope — when He is a part of our lives and our holiday season, we are able to experience a joy that overcomes all of life’s circumstances.  Peace, hope, and joy are not just buzz words to say at Christmas, they are true results of a relationship with Christ.  (And they just happen to be key components in a healthy lifestyle, too.)
Have a very happy and healthy Christmas!

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