For the normal people…

A goal of mine: to encourage normal people to get and stay healthy; people who are conscious of the money they spend, people who may not ever run a marathon, and people who have busy lives.  I don’t discourage the abnormal, but I understand that most people may have reasons why they can’t (or don’t want to) be an extreme health/fitness nut.

I want to share with you a picture of some of the things I bought today at ALDI, a place where a normal, price-conscious shopper may go.

I was excited to find some things there that I make a special effort to buy organic: dairy products, tomatoes, apples, frozen strawberries and lettuce.  They have other non-essential organic products as well that are nice to get when they are reasonably priced.  They also have some of my “non-organic” faves like Fage yogurt, 85% dark chocolate, and not-from-concentrate OJ.
It is not necessary to give you the whole list of foods and prices, but here are a few:  4 sticks of organic butter @ $2.79, 3 heads of organic romaine lettuce @ $2.29, a box of organic toasted oats @ $1.99, and a bag of organic apples @ $4.89.  These prices are pretty good if you are looking to buy organic in an affordable way.  Take advantage of opportunities like these!  Hopefully the (affordable) supply will become greater as the demand is made known by your purchases.  
P.S. I like to eat organic when our budget allows and it is available, but I do not want to be a food snob.  More thoughts on this, here.

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