The Scale in the Bathroom

I have set a goal for myself since I recently had a baby and am trying to get back to my “normal” self (read my post about 1 a week).  I want to share with you an idea if you are trying to reach a weight loss goal, too.  
This is what my bathroom has looked like since November (note the clipboard hanging on the wall above the scale):
This clipboard is helping me track my weight loss goal: to lose 17 pounds in 17 weeks by my birthday.  On the left hand side I have the date.  In the middle I have the pounds left to lose.  On the right hand side I have the reward I will give myself when reaching that milestone (pedicure, massage, and jeans shopping).

Personally, I do well with this kind of visual motivation.  I also do well with knowing that my husband can see my progress by looking at this goal chart, and simply knowing that he can see it, holds me accountable.  Just an FYI–he is very encouraging on this matter and never comments on my weight.  I am very thankful for him. 

5 pounds to go and you’ll be seeing me at the mall with a new pair of jeans in hand.  Anyone want to go shopping with me??


  1. Caleb and Sarah · February 6, 2013

    love the idea…the incentive and way to track…i think i'm gonna try that!


  2. Caleb and Sarah · February 6, 2013

    haha its sarah commenting not caleb:)


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