Let Them Have Their Birthday Cake And Eat It Too!

Noah turns 2 this week, and it’s time to celebrate!  It was bound to happen at some point in his childhood, so what better time than a 2nd birthday for us to have a Noah’s Ark themed party.  My goal was to offer healthy, tasty, and simple food, but to allow for some celebratory treats as well.  Kid’s need to know that treats like cake are for special occasions and it’s ok to enjoy in moderation.
The kids were to come as animals to Noah’s Ark.
The morning group’s treat was banana bread muffins with cream cheese frosting.  The afternoon group was allowed to enjoy some traditional birthday cake– and Noah ate every last crumb!
At the end of the Noah Ark story there is a rainbow, and so we had to coordinate the food appropriately.  The cups on the left are filled with plain yogurt, half of a tropical tie-dye fruit roll-up, and some rainbow sprinkles on top.
Animal crackers and goldfish were the go-to, kid-friendly, not-horrible-for-you munchies.
Cheese and raisins–can’t go wrong.
A trail mix bar was available with to-go boxes for the mamas,  because often times at parties I am too busy feeding and corralling my kid to get much opportunity to eat myself.  
These animal goody bags had some crafty-type items.  As one little girl asked her mom, “Where’s the candy?” I did feel a little bit bad, but I figured they got enough sugar from the cake and didn’t really need to take any home.

Two by two the animals came; each child (dressed as an animal) brought a stuffed animal that will be donated to the Ronald McDonald House.   Don’t worry, our kid gets gifts for his birthday, but we want him to understand that it is better to give than to receive.  Yes, it is his special day, but a healthy perspective on life includes the realization that the world does not revolve around him.  
Happy Birthday, Noah!  We pray that you will grow to be a healthy, joy-filled, man of God.
“Noah was a righteous man…and he walked faithfully with God.”  Genesis 6:9

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