This year I am trying new foods.  Foods that are real, pure, and true.  This self-challenge to try a new food each month was inspired by the cookbook, “True Food: Seasonal, Sustainable, Simple, Pure” by Dr. Andrew Weil.  I did not have a whole lot of motivation for April until a friend asked about tahini.  The only thing I thought of when I heard the word tahini was hummus.  Hummus doesn’t really excited me; I don’t hate hummus, but I don’t really crave it either.  I wanted to find some alternative uses for this ground sesame seed paste, since (in my opinion) you can only have so much hummus.

The first thing I tried was a variation of a recipe I saw for “Tahini Cherry Ice Cream.”  I didn’t have everything on hand so I made it with frozen raspberries instead of the frozen cherries.  It was a good snack and even had spinach in it.

 The next thing I tried was a “Kale and Potato Salad with Tahini Dressing.”  I was trying to use up some potatoes and kale, so this was the perfect recipe to try.  I really liked it!

By the way, I saw this idea on Pinterest and had to share my excitement: shredding shears in the kitchen!  I cut up the kale, and even shredded some cheese the other day–great idea!
I would love to hear if you have any ideas for how to use tahini!

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