Beet "Red"

Well, I wouldn’t really say red…more like fuchsia.  For my “try a new food every month” challenge, I bought some beets.  This wasn’t the first time I bought beets.  I actually bought them in  May and roasted them, just to let them go to waste because I never got the motivation to do anything with them.  And to be honest, I don’t really like beets.  Since my taste buds aren’t exactly fond of them, I decided to make something that I was fond of:  ice cream!  Yes, I made beet ice cream.

I was hopeful that it would taste good just because the color was so enticing!  Here is what ingredients were in the recipe, courtesy of Second City Soiree: beets, vanilla, brown sugar, heavy cream, greek yogurt.  Simple and pretty healthy for an ice cream!  My bottom line:  it was ok.  Like I said earlier, I don’t love beets, so a little more sugar or something to mask the flavor a little more would have been fine with me.  Some chocolate syrup on top would have helped, but the kids really liked it as it was so I wasn’t about to tell them to have more sugar with their ice cream.

She doesn’t look that happy, but she liked it.  My favorite part: baby’s first lipstick!

I was SO in love with this color that I had to find a way to use it in something else without really having to endure the taste.  I also had some zucchini on hand that I needed to use so I decided to go with chocolate zucchini bread with beet cream cheese icing. 

Doesn’t this color just look unreal?!  I love that it is all natural–no food coloring needed!  I might just have to use this for GG’s first birthday cake.  My 2-year-old loves anything chocolate, so he definitely approved.  Here is the recipe for the chocolate zucchini bread from Movita Beaucoup (the only thing I changed was coconut oil instead of canola).  I found the idea for the icing a while ago at Valentine’s Day, but I just wasn’t motivated until now.  Here are the ingredients (inspired by the recipe I found here): half a beet pureed, cream cheese, butter, vanilla, and powdered xylitol (I ran out of powdered sugar so I looked to Chocolate Covered Katie).  I thoroughly enjoyed this combination of chocolate zucchini cake and beet cream cheese icing (with no added sugar!), and I will go have another piece since the above picture is staring me down and making my taste buds water.

P.S. My husband just said, “Not bad…It’s good.  The icing is impressive.  Good job.”  He was definitely skeptical!

One comment

  1. donnak · July 3, 2013

    My daughter in law made beet hummus and it was delish as well as beautiful!


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