Thunder Thighs

The first time I heard that comment, it hurt.  I have always been self-conscious about my thighs…no, wait…now that I think of it I wasn’t self-conscious about them until someone else directed that term towards me.  My little almost-1-year-old girl gets many comments about her thighs–they are so cute and squishy that you can’t help but pinch them.  That is different though, and there will come a point very soon where it won’t be fun to talk about how chubby she is.  Being the mom of a little girl is glorious and terrifying all at the same time.  The comments we make can hugely impact a young girl whether we want them to or not…oh how I pray that I will be a healthy influence on my kids.

Here are a couple articles that I have read recently that may shed some insight on what we should say and not say to little girls.

Both of them are very insightful and definitely made me think.  Here are 3 closing thoughts:

  1. All little girls have beauty.  While some may have physical beauty that stands out more than others, there is something beautiful about every girl.  Don’t let a girl feel like her value comes from physical beauty, but tell her she is beautiful.  If you don’t, one day someone else will and the girl will like how it feels…and it might lead them down a dangerous path.
  2. Watch how you talk to other people.  Don’t feel the need to always comment about their weight or how great they look. 
  3. Encourage healthy living through your own actions.  And by healthy, I don’t mean calorie counting or “fat burning”.  I mean nutrient-filled eating and fun-filled moving.  

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