The Norm

Over the past month, I’ve logged about 80 hours in the car.  If you are wondering why there has been a lull in my posts, I have been a bit frazzled between road trips and am so happy to be home and back into a normal routine.  I suspect many of you are starting to think about a normal routine again, as the beginning of a new school year brings more structure along with it.

The Kailo Clipboard is about how to make your normal a healthy normal.  For example, normally I eat whole wheat bread but while on the road, there were times when only white was offered or available.  I am not going to get all upset about it, because the healthier option is my norm.

For most of us, success comes when we let go of our attraction to extremes and perfection.  Day in and day out, make healthy your norm.  There is nothing wrong with an ice cream sundae or a exercise-free day if you have healthy as your status quo.

We took a break from normal routine for a few weeks and it was completely worth it for our kids to spend some time with our grandparents:

Gracelyn meets her Great Grandma, 92 this fall.
4 generations
Munga and her great-grandchildren

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