An Old-Fashioned Birthday Party

Little pearls and lolli-pop swirls,
It’s time to celebrate the girl with curls.
Soda pops and spicy gum drops,
Old-fashioned birthday cake with a 1 on top!
My baby turned one last week, and so we celebrated.  Let me start off by saying that this post is not to brag about the party we had or try to show the world what a wonderful life we live, but I write it with tears in my eyes to document this day in my daughter’s life.  When trying to think of a theme, I was at a loss for a while.  I wanted it to characterize Gracelyn, and so when the word vintage came up in my mind, I new that was it.  Gracelyn Janell’s name has a lot of meaning in it. Grace is my middle name, after my grandmother.  Janell was the name of my mother-in-law, who passed away when I was pregnant with my son.  Not a day goes by that I don’t look at my daughter and see Janell in her.  Sometimes I refer to Gracelyn by her initials, GG, which is what we called my great-grandmother.  Celebrating Gracelyn with a vintage theme was so much more than just a “trendy” birthday party–it was a way of honoring our family’s past heritage.  You’ll see more to this theme below.  
Our little girl is full of spunk and sass; is strong-willed yet has a sweet side that melts your heart.  She can be serious, she can be scrappy; she can be tough as nails, yet filled with drama.  She has a tender and caring heart already at her young age.  Gracelyn, we have loved every minute of getting to know you during this first year of your life!
This was on GG’s actual birthday at playgroup.  We had chocolate zucchini cupcakes with beet cream cheese icing.  This was from a prior post on beets.

Having Vegetable Pizza was a great option for our playgroup luncheon.

My mom made the birthday cake.  This was a family recipe that I asked her specifically to make.  The china doll is my mom’s from her childhood.  There was a jewelry box on the table that my Grandmother gave me.  We had crystal on display from Mike’s grandparents, which has special meaning as well.  
Ok this part is a bit funny.  Back in the day when my dad was a kid, the 6th birthday party was a big deal in small-town Indiana…so big that it was written about in the paper, menu and all.  The menu for Gracelyn’s party was created with that newspaper write-up in mind.  The “Potato Salad” was from a prior post on tahini.  The Kale Salad tasted like a cross between broccoli salad and coleslaw–it was a bagged salad from Costco, but very tasty.   

This was the coloring table.  Guests could color pictures of GG’s favorite things: Piglet, Cars, Shoes, and Hats.

Happy Birthday, “Baby”.  I hope you one day look back on these pictures and see how much you are loved and how special you are to us.

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