Conspiracy Theory

My educational background is in exercise science.  I have heard a lot of smart people speak on health.  I have watched quite a few documentaries on health.  I have read quite a bit on the topic as well.  However, there are times when I think the more I read, the more confused I can get.  

As I was watching one of these documentaries recently, my husband said, “They all think there is some kind of conspiracy theory.”  And it’s true–there is always a battle between conventional medicine and natural health advocates, government agencies and food companies, pharmaceuticals and supplements, etc.  Who the heck are we supposed to trust?!

Here is what I have to say: BALANCE.  We need to think critically about all the new things that we hear and not be so extreme.  When it comes down to it, it’s not all that hard.  Eat foods that are found in nature; the less processed the better.  If you have a medical condition, try to figure out how to eat so that your body can be healthy again.  Be leery to fall for the latest craze and BE ACTIVE.  I get confused, but then I remember how simple it really is to pursue health:  eat what God gave us to consume and move how God created us to move.  Ultimately, we will live for as long as God allows us to live.

If only all health advice was this black and white…

One comment

  1. Diane Cryder · October 3, 2013

    Such good common sense, Emily. You do a great job keeping . . . well, balanced. Ha! Trouble in America is – so many do NOT eat what God created nor move except from couch to kitchen table. Keep preaching it, girl. And stay active!


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