Special Treats

My 2-year-old often asks for a special treat.  He definitely has a sweet tooth like his mama, so I understand the “need” to have a little something tasty every now and then.  Candy should be just that: something special.  I don’t always say yes when Noah asks for it, and that is what makes it special.  I want to teach my kids how to eat in moderation, because that is something that I struggle to do.  Saying “no” to yourself is an art that many of us have not mastered, so as the Halloween bowl is full to the brim of sugary goodness, now is a good time to practice self-control.  Make candy eating a “special” experience, and put the bowl out of sight so it is somewhat out of mind.  
Fall is a fun time of year.  Here is my version of the wonderful fall fruit cup idea that has been floating around Pinterest (Pineapples, mandarin oranges, bananas, and whip cream):
I ran the Forgotten 5K last weekend.  Raising money for a great cause like Forgotten Voices is a fantastic reason to exercise.  This race was a fun one because we were encouraged to run in costumes — I am the lady bug you see below. Just an FYI, if you plan on running a race soon, make sure you fasten your race chip securely and properly to your shoe so you don’t have to stop and fix it multiple times 🙂
Once again, this is what our trick-or-treaters will be receiving.  According to my kids, these special treats are as good as candy.  I think the kids in costume were pleasantly surprised last year, and some even gobbled it down as they left our walkway.  

One final thought, if you want to see some healthy versions of beloved candy bars, check out Chocolate Covered Katie!

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