Afraid of Fat

I was thinking recently about how afraid people are to have fat in their diet when it comes to dairy (heaven-forbid I have whole milk in my fridge).   Then, I read an article that compelled me to write a little more on the dietary fat topic, because we are very misled not only by marketing schemes but sometimes by doctors themselves.  I reminded you in a recent post that often times low-fat or fat-free products will load up on the sugar or salt to make it taste good (and to get you addicted).  Now, according to a world-renown cardiologist, newer science suggests that it’s not the fat that is causing so many problems with heart disease.  The culprit?  Inflammation.

There is but one answer to quieting inflammation, and that is returning to foods closer to their natural state.”  Dr. Dwight Lundell

I do not claim to eat an unprocessed diet.  However, while shopping at the grocery store today with my two-year-old wandering the aisle saying “chugga-chugga” and my one-year-old in the cart yelling “no!” at those who passed her by, I was trying my best to buy food with few ingredients.  That is what I do.  I try my best, and make changes as I become aware of where I need to improve.  I am lenient at times for my sanity or for other people’s sanity, but I think we all need to try to make natural, unprocessed foods the norm.

I am NOT saying to just disregard your doctor’s orders.  I am saying that it’s important to eat foods the way God created our bodies to consume them.  I have much improvement to make in this area, but I have much improved in health since I started making the change.  

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