A Clean ’14

I have taken a little break from the blog to enjoy family, participate in the fun things surrounding Christmas, and to reduce December stress.  Last year’s Christmas, I received the book “True Food” by Dr. Andrew Weil that motivated me try new foods in 2013.  I enjoyed trying things from nature that were created to nourish our bodies and I did pretty well blogging about it up until fall, and then I lost some steam-sorry!

This year, I received a book called “The Honest Life” by Jessica Alba.  As I am reading this book, there is not a whole lot that is new to me, but it is probably going to be my motivational book for 2014.  The new year is a time to think about things in your life that need to be changed and problems that need to be resolved.  I encourage you to reflect on lasting solutions, not quick band-aids for annoying issues.  Think about ways to make lifestyle changes that will be maintainable all year long and focus on forming healthier habits that will create a healthier lifestyle.  

I have decided that there is a need to clean up my life a little bit.  You will probably be seeing posts here on the Kailo Clipboard that will document my “clean-up” and how it will contribute to a healthy lifestyle.  There is much more to come on this, so stay tuned!

I wish you all a happy 2014!

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