Snowed In

I am thankful for a husband who does the shoveling duties around here.  However, I have been stuck in the house with a couple of toddlers and the thought of getting outside today sounded delightful.  I convinced Mike to let me “get some exercise” and shovel the ice.

As I was shoveling, I got to thinking about how small a task that was compared to what the women did back on the prairie.  You see, I’ve been watching “Little House”, and the truth is that we have gotten way too used to machines doing everything for us.  I am the first to admit that I like life to be easy, but I am reminded once again why they didn’t need gyms before technology took over our lives.

Keep shoveling and don’t get too used to easy.

By the way, being snowed in has forced me to do more cooking and baking.  This picture of the kids eating green (spinach) eggs that were too hot makes me smile, so I thought I would share.

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