The Best Exercise

We go to the gym.  We watch the number on the scale.  We try to look good.  Too often, we exercise for ourselves.  It’s all about “being our best selves” or trying to lose the “excess baby weight”.  I want to challenge this a little by saying that exercise doesn’t have to be ALL about you.  In my opinion, the best kind of exercise is the kind where it isn’t all about you.  Here is what I am talking about:

  • Shovel someone else’s driveway, mow your neighbor’s lawn, or rake an elderly person’s leaves.  These are all great workouts, as you use big muscle groups and get good cardiovascular exercise.  
  • Catch up with a friend over a brisk walk.  I’m all about grabbing a cup of coffee with someone, but if going for a walk is an option, I’ll take it!  Kill 2 birds with one stone and save some time.
  • Play with your kids.  And by play, I mean run or dance or give them a piggy back ride then throw them in the air.  Play a sport with them!  They have a blast and feel loved–and don’t see the side of you that obsesses about distance or calories.  I was sore the other day after doing indoor sprints with my 2-year-old.
I am not opposed to traditional gym workouts.  However, before you go to the gym, consider if there is a way that you can bless someone while being active.  Not only will it benefit your health, but it might even benefit their soul.

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