Forbidden Food Follow-Up

After writing my last post titled “Forbidden Food”, I got a lot of feedback.  I felt the need to write a follow-up just to clarify my view on moderation.  If you have been reading this blog regularly, one thing I am surely an advocate of is living a healthy lifestyle where moderation is practiced when it comes to eating AND exercise.

That being said, my last post was in response to something I read.  For example: my husband’s area of expertise is computers.  He works with them all the time, has studied them/continues to study them, and builds them.  There are some things, based on his specific knowledge, that he just won’t do–like press the power button while running and force it to shut down.  He will give you a technical explanation of why this is bad, but I just do what he tells me.  This is kind of like what I am talking about with forbidden foods.  There are some foods that I just can’t make a part of my normal life because of something I have learned or heard. 
Have I ever drank soda (what I said was my forbidden food)?  Yes.  In fact, if I am honest, I had a few sips of it one week ago while sitting in a hospital room, super thirsty for anything I could get my hands on at the moment (by the way, soda never really quenches my thirst–another reason why I don’t like to drink it).  Desperate times call for desperate measures…and that is where moderation comes in.  
I love that so many of you think that moderation is an important part of healthy living.  If I could re-write my post, I probably would change my forbidden food to be artificial sweeteners based on my knowledge and experience, but I figure soda and artificial sweeteners often go hand in hand.  
Keep up your healthy living, and don’t be afraid to boycott certain foods based on the dangers they may pose to your health.  

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